we are #greenshifters



Initiated by nextdream ent. corp., #greenshifter.org is an environmental movement promoting best sustainable practices in the music industry. Its mission is to world-widely initiate, encourage and take action for better environmental practices into the music industry and related partners with the launch of THE 2030 MUSIC LOVERS CHALLENGE.

how #greenshifter.org intends to achieve the 2030 music lovers challenge timeline?

During the 3 years ELABORATION PHASE, #greenshifter.org and its partners will :

  • precisely identify potential targets and main actors of shift challenge,
  • initiate debates with music industry actors to sketch first achievable solutions,
  • seek for artists and business entities first challengers,
  • propose first charters and action campaign guidelines,
  • start to build strong media partnership for 2020 challenge launch,
  • create an achievable challenge goal timeline by music industry sectors,
  • start to campaign to get public awareness of the upcoming challenge launch.



which kind of actions will the 2030 music lovers challenge take?


  • initiate dialogues between music industry actors,
  • engage worldwide music lovers community by giving them comprehension tools of their power of change potential,
  • support music industry actors to applicate THE 2030 MUSIC LOVERS CHALLENGE charters and guidelines,
  • periodically update charters from THE 2030 MUSIC LOVERS CHALLENGE worldwide  data feedbacks,
  • propose international agreements and laws to seal proven better sustainable environmental behaviors in music industry,
  • force by petition campaigns, bad music industry actors to align their practices to new good sustainable practices.

with the support of #greenshifter.org and its eco-responsible partners, musi(x)™ immersive festival intends to set good environmental practices right from the beginning of its development.