Initiated by nextdream ent. corp., boomerang series is the new inspirational talks and workshops series willing to share knowledge and best experiences about immersive tech and greener environment in the entertainment industries.

boomerang series is designed to connect entertainment industries actors together and help them achieve their dream in a more sustainable way for the well being of worldwide audience.

boomerang series is not exclusively linked to musi(x)™ immersive festival and is already establishing new collaborations with other festivals, fairs and institutional entities to enrich its contents.

boomerang series ?


Share first,

Learn in return,

Enjoy as a community.

immersive audio

vj to xr

greener entertainment

First boomerang series during musi(x)™ immersive festival Qingdao will be developing talks around those three main topics.

Precise content to be announced soon.  

speakers, workshops and schedule to be announced soon