With the rise of new technologies in the entertainment industry such as virtual reality or augmented reality, users can enjoy more intense immersive experiences.

After stereo and cinema surround audio technology, 3D ambisonic audio is now offering a wonderful new key layer of immersive feeling for users.

As multiple immersive audio system are now engineered by wonderful teams around the world, nextdream ent. corp. believed it was the time to give to those dreamers and achievers the opportunity to get in touch with wilder audience around the world.

In 2017, nextdream ent. corp. founder Quentin Paquignon felt natural to propose a long-term collaboration with Laurent Chrétien CEO of the French VR/AR pioneer Laval Virtual, to grow opportunities for immersive technologies advocacy around the world.

musi(x)™ immersive festival is just born from this idea: let fans around the world not only listen to their favorite artists’ music creations but feel them in more immersive and interactive ways.

We believe live immersive audio for all will change forever the way artists think and create their material and that new intimate bounds will be born between artists and fans.